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“The Brodie”


“The Brodie” is a simple all-white halter representative of little Brodie’s colour and the energy he brought to the herd at Calan. It’s construction is a strong double braid rope with a white woven noseband.

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Arrived 15th October 2011
Passed 2nd December 2021

Thirty-plus year-old Brodie, who in every way represented the sanctuary with dignity and nobility, passed away which marks the end of a very special era. He joins the old guard, Merc and Topaz, in Heaven. All 3 were the shining stars of the elder horses here with Brodie charming all who met him with his sweet yet distinquished nature. I fell in love with him upon feeling the love he embodied for his older mates and the close friendship he had with Alan.

Brodie ran his life to the end having no pain or fear despite having first arrived at CHS with a bad case of founder in all 4 hooves. His frogs were basically non-existent and movement was extremely painful for him. This brave little pony endured fortnightly trims until he could move more freely with less pain. Brodie also had dental problems and at his first dental appointment it was discovered he had two massive ulcers, one on each side of his mouth and eating would have been a painful experience for him. They healed at CHS and he ate with joy. His nickname was “the chaff cutter” because he chewed and swallowed his food as never before.

Brodie was quite a character. He would come up behind Alan and put his nose right in the centre of his back and push. Alan didn’t react much because he heard Brodie spent some of his early life in a circus and Alan remembered this manoeuvre when he was a kid watching this same behaviour happen in the circus with the clowns. As the story goes, back in the day Brody apparently won an event at the Royal Perth Show.

Living at CHS Brodie made good friends with 17.1 hand horse, Big Ben. Ben loved Brodie and upon his death he mourned next to Brodie’s stable gate with his neigh sounded more like a cry. Ben had never had a close friend during his life until he came to us. He stood watch over little old Brodie, spending much of the afternoon of his death looking for him, making crying sounds. What Ben was doing for Brodie was what Brodie did for old Merc- loving him in the same way. Alan kept watch over Brodie his past few weeks as he was aware that the little white pony was feeling the weight of old age on his little bones. After devouring his morning meal with enthusiasm on Thursday morning and after the herd drifted off, Brodie and Ben went off together and spent about two hours grazing before Alan noticed Brodie had drifted back walking rather slowly towards the stables.

He checked on Brodie in the late morning and he did not appear in pain. Checked again the next morning and still no evidence of pain. When he commenced feeding the herd on the Friday morning he WAS STILL THERE so he put his bucket near him and he got up went over to his trough had a sniff came back and laid down again. This was not Brodies usual reaction to food and Alan started to think Brodie had lost strength and energy because he now and again would rise and then lay down again. When he next checked Brodie, he gave the impression he was asleep but with a little bit sand in both of his eyes and a few ants crawling on him. Alan tried to gently get him to rise but the little fella did not want to. What ever was happening around him, Brodie did not seem to notice. Alan concluded that little legs could not carry him any more, he had not strength or energy and his precious life came to an end.

As always, Alan gave this resident a proper burial. He covered Brodie’s lovely face in a clean chaff bag and his body with two large horse rugs and Alan’s neighbour helped buried him. This has been one of the most difficult things Alan has had to do since he started CHS in 2005. Upon burying Brodie, Alan was overcome by a deep wave of loneliness because he had lost one of his very best friends. Big Ben is heartbroken too.

On behalf of Alan, Big Ben and all the horses here at CHS, Bless you Brodie, rest In Peace little mate. You’ll forever be in our hearts and we’ll be sure to look after your mate Big Ben


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