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“The Honner”


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Arrived 15th September 2013

Clare, who is a natural horse person, spent time with him on a regular basis, volunteered to help find a new owner and together with Karen of Narrogin they approached C.H.S.

We witnessed some different and interesting events with the new arrival, especially the way the other twelve horses treated him. Upon being noticed by the herd they all as usual galloped down to check on the new horse, after a brief inspection and congestion among themselves they all meandered back to where they came from and continued grazing.

With total freedom we moved Honner to a large paddock accompanied by Topaz, the soft peacemaker. We decided to add the oldest horse Merc to aid Topaz in his role as comforter.

What followed on during the next three hours was very revealing; three horses independently slowly approached the gate and remained in this position with no intention of returning to the herd. We opened the gate for the first horse and this was repeated two more times.

So on his critical first evening he had two helpers and three volunteers to help him adjust, even the remaining horses displayed compassion in a collected effort to give him a soft landing.

Just to make these events more joyful, I was privy to witness the first genuine gesture of warmth and acceptance to Honner by one of the horses, and who was this horse you may ask? It was of course no other than the Clayton Alpha Horse Brodie.

So it gives us much pleasure to once again to be in a position to offer the final stage in the rescue of another horse and give him a life he deserves.

Calan Horse Sanctuary would like to take this opportunity to commend Tony and his staff at the centre plus Clare and Karen for what they have done to rescue this brave and courageous horse Honner..


Mini, Pony, Arab/Cob, Horse, Warmblood, Draft