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“The Waylon”


“The Waylon” is a made of a black double braided rope with a contrasting white noseband, inspired by Waylon’s shiny black coat with white flash.

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Arrived 12th September 2010

There is no indication that he has been mistreated in the past, he just ran out of road, he had no where to go.

It became very obvious from the start he was extremely hand shy, and it took many hours of our patience to get him to the stage that human hands are okay.

This is a classic case of the wise natural horseman idea to “always work under the brace” He has been labeled by a few concerned (concerned for us) people that he had a attitude problem. This was not our observation and as we have slowly got to know each other, he has been given the nickname ”Mr. Perfect”.

Waylon is a real asset and sets a fine example of how to work within the pecking order and a much loved horse at C.H.S.


Mini, Pony, Arab/Cob, Horse, Warmblood, Draft